Is it more effective if I wear my shapewear during workouts?
It's the ideal time! The micro-massage wave knit steadily massages your skin in a circular and back-and-forth motion as the spandex contracts and expands. The more you move the better results you get.

When will I see results from the shapewear?
Clinical tests have shown most women see results in only 6-8 weeks. Some women see exciting improvement even sooner.

Will active massage shapewear remove cellulite completely?
Our shapewear helps prevent cellulite and reduce its visibility. Continuous use will help control cellulite and keep it from looking worse.

What is medical grade compression?
Garments must provide an even amount of compression throughout their structure and meet a minimum compression level, measured in mmHg to be considered "medical grade." Most medical grade compression garments are 12 mmHg or higher.

Why is medical grade compression important?
For decades, doctors have prescribed compression garments to increase circulation, reduce water retention and swelling. Many believe that cellulite is caused by poor circulation in fat cells. Thus, by utilizing circulation-enhancing principles, the shapewear effectively reduces cellulite's appearance as it tones and defines.

Does the compression restrict circulation?
Absolutely not. One of the key benefits of our shapewear is that it helps increase circulation. Each style is cut ergonomically so you receive an even amount of compression along every curve of your body. Better circulation helps remove toxins and reduces swelling and fat cells—better health, less fat and less visible cellulite!

How do I determine my proper size?
Check our sizing chart. Your size is determined by your height and weight.

Is active massage shapewear tight?
Our shapewear may feel a little snug in the beginning due to the compression. After regular wear, it will quickly become like a second skin, molding to your body's movements.

Will the wave knit leave wavy lines/indentations in my skin?
Yes. It's proof that the wave knit is giving your skin a deep massage. The marks typically last for an hour or two after you take the garment off.

What is the difference between the 3 compression levels?
All the shapewear features medical grade compression combined with the patented micro-massage wave knit. The different levels offer you the option of choosing how much compression and micro-massage you are comfortable with.

Can this garment be worn with a panty underneath?
Yes all our styles feature a breathable cotton gusset so there's no need for panties underneath. Our shapewear needs to be in direct contact with skin to massage effectively.

Can I wear them as outerwear?
In some cases, yes, but the knit wave fabric is a little sheer. A long shirt or other workout clothes can be layered over it without adding bulk.

Will active massage shapewear be visible underneath clothing?
No, it fits like a second skin and hugs every curve—actually enhancing the fit of clothes.

Can active massage shapewear be worn with another shapewear garment for higher compression?
Not recommended. The compression you get with our shapers is all you need to get fast results.

If I sleep in my shapewear, will I increase the benefits?
No. your body's active movements are what stimulate micro-massage.

What's the best way to wash and care for my garment?
Handwash with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Hang to dry. Do not wring.